I've been toying around with Python to work on a project for work, and am catching on pretty well. I'm using the matplotlib, numpy, and scipy modules for computational data analysis and display stuff.

I was using the versions in the repos for 10.04, but it turns out that scipy.optimize which has the curve_fit routine is not available through those versions. I used pip to find and install the latest versions of numpy (1.6.2), scipy (0.11.0), and matplotlib (1.1.1). However, when I try to interactively plot things in ipython --pylab, I don't get the pop-up plot display.

I've tried manually resetting the backend to use qt4Agg and made sure that I had the libqt4-dev packages installed, but that sadly has not helped me at all.

No error messages show when I try to show(), but no window opens either. I can still generate the plot objects and then save them using savefig(), but I can't seem to get the display to work.

Any ideas on what could be going wrong?