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Thread: Do I need a Harddisk?

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    Do I need a Harddisk?

    I have this old pc but it has no harddisk. I made a LiveCD and it booted.

    But the problem is that it takes ages for it to completely start. Do i need a harddisk or is the pc just to old?

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    Re: Do I need a Harddisk?

    I would say you do as the live CD, not depending on hardware, is always a good few times slower than booting from a hard disk.

    However, if you have an old PC it may be an even better idea to get a solid state drive (SSD)?


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    Re: Do I need a Harddisk?

    a Hard disk or even a flash disk will make things faster

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    Re: Do I need a Harddisk?

    Agreed, it's always very slow running from live CD.
    Adding an old hard disk if you can scrape one up and installing to that would see a dramatic improvement.

    An ssd would be even faster but may not be worth it for an old PC.


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