I just bought a ASUS K55a notebook computer, i5, 4gb ram, 500gb hard drive.

I also bought a Cricket ZTE AC3781 USB internet dongle, a prepaid internet access.

It works without a problem with Win7 home premium, but I can't get any version of linux to even recognize that it is even connected to the computer.

The built in wifi works fine, but I am not near a hotspot most of the time.

Will there be an update or work round to get it to work with Linux??

I want to pull my win7 drive out, install an ssd drive, put win7 & Linux as a dual boot on the ssd drive, and get both to work with the dongle.

I have 2 notebooks I want to do this with and both are brand new, same brand, different model numbers.

Also, will a 64gb ssd drive do what I want??