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Thread: Is this a DHCP problem?

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    Re: Is this a DHCP problem?

    Hi pqwoerituytrueiwoq

    I tried ping with the laptop today and it was working. Then checked the update manager and downloaded the latest batch (with fingers crossed!) & they went in OK. Firefox is also OK.

    I do not know what went wrong and then went right. I have been working with it plugged into the router with cable and wireless switched off (and trying to learn a bit about getting info on network and hardware). I need a decent (simple if there is one) manual.

    If u see anything in the data I posted that might explain I would be very pleased to hear. I feel pretty insecure!

    In any case thank you for your help. Should this be marked solved?


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    Re: Is this a DHCP problem?

    try this info to get your wifi working
    i do not know what version of ubuntu you are using
    This command will tell me that lsb_release -dcv;uname -r
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    Re: Is this a DHCP problem?

    Thanks for this - will go through it carefully.
    Please see my post 11 shortly before yours - sorry I did not make it clear that my wifi is now working. I do not know why!
    Thank you again.
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