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Thread: Android Netbook laptops

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    Android Netbook laptops

    There are a whole slew of new Android Laptops on the market now, with 7" or 10" screens and Android 2.2 or 4.0 operating systems; some are touchscreens but I'm not sure if all are.

    I've seen "Ubuntu for Android" touted lately.

    When is that going to be released? I'd love to have such a netbook with the ability to run programs such as Zim Wiki, Tomboy Notes and other lightweight programs, if that's possible.

    Alternately, can a Ubuntu with a netbook remix be installed on such a device (with stability) or is that just experimental? Have a nice day!

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    Re: Android Netbook laptops

    Ubuntu for Android is not what you think it is.

    It is a phone with Android and Ubuntu sitting side by side and accessing the same Linux kernel. Use the device as a phone and it will run Android. Use it as a PC and it will run Ubuntu.

    Why not buy a netwbook with Ubuntu pre-installed?

    And then there are devices like this coming to market.

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    Re: Android Netbook laptops

    >> Why not buy a netwbook with Ubuntu pre-installed? <<

    I might just do that. If for some reason I can't find one, do you think the hardware that runs the Android Netbooks could be reconfigured with Ubuntu instead (by a non export)?

    The 7" to 10" touchscreen/keyboard devices look very tempting. I only care that it runs email (Thunderbird), Zim Wiki and Tomboy Notes. Libre Office would be a nice extra. Thanks again


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