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Thread: eBay Pictures

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    Question eBay Pictures

    Hello all,

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    Here is the transcript of an email I sent to eBay support...

    Hello eBay,
    I am having difficulty uploading a picture of an item that I would like to sell.
    I have not had a problem in the past. I use a Toshiba PC running Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS.

    At first I tried using Google Chrome and there was button to get the uploader (only asked for the URL of the image).
    So, I switched to Firefox and there was no problem, I could upload a picture ok. Recently, when trying to make another ebay listing using Firefox, the uploader does not work?!
    I select the picture from my computer, click upload, it uploads and I get a message (in green) Uploaded Successfully!
    But the picture does not show up in the original page where I am entering the item's details and in the uploader there is no 'OK' button to proceed.
    I have tried using a previous uploaded picture to check if there may be a problem with the picture that I would like to use but 'no luck'...

    Please help!
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    Re: eBay Pictures

    On another forum I frequent, it has been reported that Firefox 16.0.1 does not work on Windows 7 to upload pictures from either a camera or the local hard drive to eBay, but Firefox 11 worked. Do you have either an old copy of Firefox, or access to Debian's Iceweasel?

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    Re: eBay Pictures

    I would suggest using a photo uploader, such as imgur to try and see if it will work. Then using chrome type the direct link.


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