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Thread: More Multi touch

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    More Multi touch

    I'm running 12.04 on a acer timelineX with 4gb ram and a sandybridge i5. i know my touch-pad hardware supports more then 2 finger multi touch (used it in windows 8 ).

    im wanting to enable mac-like multitouch functionality. i already have natural scrolling on and smooth scroll enabled in chrome. i have also turned on 2 finger scrolling. what im looking for is to be able to flick/pull down with 3 fingers to "display all windows"

    and mayby 3 finger flick up to show work spaces.

    i am curentlly using ubuntu tweak to have screen hotspots to do this now (top right is show all windows, bottom right is workspaces, bottom left is show desktop) but those get hit on accident a lot and its bothersome.
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