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Thread: Google Music Manager scratches around on my hdd forever

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    Google Music Manager scratches around on my hdd forever

    Yesterday, I installed Google's Music Manager software. It all worked well. I started the application, entered my password, uploaded some music, only 45 files to test it. Files finished uploading, was able to listen to the music.

    But then, today... I booted Ubuntu, then started Google Music Manager from Dash (because it did not start automatically). Ok, then the icon appears in the notification panel. But when I clicked it, the dropdown menu was broken.

    On top of that, Music Manager caused strong activity on my hard drive, for whatever reason. There wasn't any more music to upload other than those 45 files. And that has finished yesterday already. As soon as I killed the Music Manager process, the hdd activity stopped.

    If I let it run, it keeps on with the hdd activity forever. And the dropdown menu works only after Music Manager has run for about 15-20 minutes.

    Is this normal? Why does it keep accessing my hdd when there's nothing to do? Maybe this software is spyware?

    Running Ubuntu 12.04, 64-bit.

    Problem solved. Uninstalled
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