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Ubuntu is really annoying with tinyproxy and squid. I tried the exactly the above configuration but sometimes browsing is good and sometimes it is very slow and it displays blank pages.
I tried a simple masquerading in iptables and all the websites are opening very fast however when I come back and use http proxy I see blank pages in firefox.
I have a box with 3.0 cpu 2Gb ram dedicated for ubuntu server and filtering about 6 users only in my home network. I tried both squid and tinyproxy with dansguardian but I am facing slowness problems. Is it possible to use dansguardian without an http proxy !
How can we troubleshoot this issue ?
Not sure if the problem is due to firehol. I have removed firehol from dansguadian GUI, may be you could try below:


Launch dansguardian GUI and choose autoconfigure.

After you should edit:


to suit your need (to share to LAN, make sure you redirect port 80 from the LAN to port 8080).

I hope without firehol it woul be faster.