Your welcome Jmehdi. I really appreciate you taking out the time and effort to make these modifications. Another reason why OSS is so brilliant. Please let me know if i can help with anything. Seriously, I just want to get involved as much as possible.

Damn jmehdi you move fast... Yep the new version definitely works with sidux... Now stop start and restart buttons are working flawlessly. Thanks homie.

Thanks also for replying to the firefox question. Thats what i figured that it was useless for this tutorial. It would be nice to see a webstrict version for the tutorial(without the firefox buttons since the tutorial filters regardless of browser used). it would be nice but I don't think its a must since this version works so well.

In reference to the log buttons.
/var/log/dansguardian shows the following files;
access.log access.log.1 access.log.2