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Thread: install wine in 12.04 failure

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    install wine in 12.04 failure

    sudo apt-get install wine

    went fine untill the eula came up @ the end. I was unable to say ok to that screen. used the mouse to click on <ok>, tried 'y' & cr, tried 'yes' & cr ... but no banana. Left a lock when i killed the terminal, then when i tried to shutdown got a lot of traces ... & then system hung. Had to turn off the power. Tried again with about the same result. Anyone got any ideas? TIA

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    Re: install wine in 12.04 failure

    When seeing this eula message on the screen, just press Tab and it will highlight onto the yes/no button. Though that installation via terminal is pretty fast, but the problem came up when the message screen appears and some people didn't know how to handle these issues.

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