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Thread: Controls bug after playing with gamepad

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    Unhappy Controls bug after playing with gamepad

    A couple of weeks ago I have plugged in my gamepad to play some car driving games with PlayOnLinux. Everything went fine, but a few days later gamepad started to unexpectedly turn off and on ingame (it was plugged in and everything looked like its fine, but the game wasn't reacting). I started to play with keyboard only, thinking it may be broken. But now in some games im running via PlayOnLinux (Tomb Raider 2013, TES IV: Oblivion) it looks like forward button would be pressed (Character moving forward, in menu jumping from one entry to another one without doing anything) but obviously it isn't. I have purged wine and POL, then reinstalled them but nothing helped. Does anybody know how it can be fixed? It does happen only in POL, native linux games are running fine.
    My OS is Ubuntu 12.10 64-bit.
    Edit: Same happens when using wine without POL.
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