this thread is for the people who had helped me with my problems for the past two months..

just want to say thankyou to cariboo907, coldcritter64, codemaniac, Vaphell, newb85, cortman, Hadaka, Kopkins, Epodx64, pete0403, arpanaut, PaulW2U, krustenBrot, offgridguy, GregA, anewguy, mastablasta, grahammechanical, sammiev, HermanAB, rybnik, I8NY, critin, Bashing-om, jerrrys, stinkeye, akoskm, Bucky Ball, NikTh, Wim Sturkenboom, HunterDX77M, 3rdalbum, oldos2er, bra|10n, DuckHook, audiomick, and bart.a ....

thank you so much guys! i really appreciate all your has been a pleasure for me to be part of this forum! tomorrow is my last day here..(haha) Godbless and goodluck..

this will be my first time to say this -- CHEERS! rock n' roll