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Thread: Hl2.exe has stopped working

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    Hl2.exe has stopped working

    a few weeks ago, I opened tf2 and joined one of the GamersUN servers. (this still happens)
    The retrieving server info went all well so did the sending client info part too.
    The problem came immediatley as i was choosing a class. The game froze and a small window came up saying 'hl2.exe has stopped working'

    this only seems to happen in GamersUn servers to me... wierd


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    Re: Hl2.exe has stopped working

    If you were running tf2 natively in Linux steam instead of wine or Windows there would be no hl2.exe (it uses hl2_linux). Although, Linux steam games probably work best with nvidia graphics.

    You do not lose any achievements/items if you fresh install steam and tf2 on a different OS (or computer) because that info is stored in the Steam Cloud. I can confirm that because I installed steam and tf2 from scratch (without copying anything over) in Win7 when the Linux partition of my drive failed, until I replaced the drive, and in Win7 in a new laptop until I figured out bumblebee related optirun parameters for steam games in 13.10.
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