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Thread: The Register's English

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    The Register's English

    I like reading The Register because it has a less boring way of reporting things. The comments on articles are not "heavily" moderated and can get quite entertaining. (Yes, I don't have better things to do.)
    Today, I came across this gem in
    Free Android apps often secretly make calls, use the camera
    Some apps request permission to clandestinely initiate outgoing calls, send SMS messages and use a device camera.
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    Re: The Register's English

    I think that I see what you are getting at. If the app asks permission to initiate an outgoing call, then it is not clandestinely initiating outgoing calls.

    I have noticed that Ubuntu clandestinely or surreptitiously connects to my router using wireless. It does that because I have marked the network connection to connect automatically and I have provided the connection details. Ubuntu makes this connection in a hidden manner and I like it that way. I do not want it to ask permission every time I boot the machine.

    There are other things that an OS will do in a hidden manner once the user has given permission.

    When I notice anyone misusing the truth like that, I stop trusting them.
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    Re: The Register's English

    One thing that is constant besides death and taxes is that the world will never lack in conspiracy theorists and/or trolls.

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    Re: The Register's English

    Many people's employers clandestinely put money into their accounts using electronic means after they give the employer an account and routing number!

    This is made worse by the fact that this is not random and infrequent, but happens in a very predictable and periodic way!

    Clearly someone is behind this!
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