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Thread: ubuntu 11.10 and dell system and monitor

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    ubuntu 11.10 and dell system and monitor

    I have a dell poweredge sc440 and a just gotten dell s2209wb 22" monitor. I had been using a viewsonic ve150m. The system works fine with the viewsonic, but the dell s220 gives a message of vga cable not connected to vga on system startup. However, when I start the system with the viewsonic and then connect the dell the display works.

    Can anyone give me some advice?



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    Re: ubuntu 11.10 and dell system and monitor

    Maybe your VGA cable is bad.
    Are you tying to double monitor?
    Anyway, the Dell s2209wb has a DVI input. Does your computer?
    DVI is better than VGA, in my opinion.
    I connect a D600 to a HP w2207, and I use DVI, without a problem.
    Does your keyboard have a fn+f8 style shortcut? Because it doesn't automatically detect it unless the system sends input.
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