I am not sure whether you have faced this. Since we have switched to compiz as the window manager, the application windows show the following erratic behaviour at irregular basis for both of my machines (different brands, different monitors, both running regularly upgraded versions of Ubuntu),

  1. The windows once minimized and then maximized, move from one workspace to another.
  2. Sometimes I loose a window, it can not be found in any of the workspaces. I have searched each and everyone of them.
  3. Some application windows, once minimized and them maximized, change in size, mostly becoming larger.
  4. Sometimes, when I try to move one window from one workspace to another using built-in workspace switcher, by click and drag, the window will go to all the workspaces except one random one.

At first I thought that the workspace switcher (not built-in) was to blame. Previously, I used docky, now I use Avant Window Navigator, without any appreciable improvement in this regard.

The problem is, the problem is regenerateable, but only on a random basis.

I use 2 X 4 (R X C) workspaces in Ubuntu 12.04.

In another forum, somebody suggested using Compiz Config Settings Manager (CCSM) to fix this behavior. However, after I installed compizconfig-settings-manager (it was not there, recently I have installed myunity) and invoked ccsm, I found that my launcher no longer appeared, even after repeated mouse jesture to left. Moreover, ccsm looks too cumbersome.

Does compizconfig-settings-manager have any conflict with myunity? –

Hope somebody can suggest me something.