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Thread: recording game playing session

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    recording game playing session

    Hi all,

    I like to play criticalmass, (it's unbelievably awesome) but cannot record the game play using video capture tools such as 'recordmydesktop'.

    When I start recording, I get video before and after the game, but during the game, all I get is a black screen.

    I made a short demo video, but the forum won't let me post it. I will email it to anyone who asks.

    In the video, it shows me recording the desktop and opening, minimizing and maximizing other programs normally.

    But, when I switch to criticalmass, the screen goes black until I terminate critical mass.

    After criticalmass is terminated, the desktop can be seen in the video just fine, the video shows me terminating the recording.

    I should also say that the same results are obtained whether I use recordmydesktop, or kazam or whether I start the recording will ffmpeg via the terminal.



    PS:where do those who enjoy playing criticalmass gather...mailing list, forum etc
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