Im running Kubuntu 12.04 on my lenovo y410 laptop, and recently my sound started coming from both headphones and speakers at the same time. I compiled and installed the realtek driver and now the automute works but the headphone volume is very low, and in alsa mixer the headphone slider is disabled (it just says 00 and won't adjust). Adjusting the speaker slider makes the headphones louder but its back low again when i reboot. Any fix for this as it was working perfectly a day before (also before i installed updates) I also tried alsa force-reload, removing and reinstalling both alsa-base and pulseaudio with no fix. When pulse audio was removed, i saw way more sliders even in kmix but it says headphones and theres no slider. Im only 13 and i really need help with this as i really dont want to return to windows but if this problem isnt resolved i will return to windows.