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Thread: MySQl Error (2) with freeradius and mysql

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    MySQl Error (2) with freeradius and mysql

    I am at wits end. Freeradius with mysql install on Ubunto 12.04 64 bit. All went well, but the error I get is "Error: rlm_sql_mysql: Couldn't connect socket to MySQL server radius@" The following checks were made. I can login to mysql with user radius (mysql -u radius -p) The mysqld.sock file is under /var/run/mysqld (So it cannot be a misplaced file). I start freeradius -X and it works fine, it does not complain with the same error mentioned above. The radcheck utility also works when testing a user in the sql database. The only thing I can still think of is a permission error as I am running sudo freeradius -X . Changing the sql.conf from localhost to loopback ip or eth0 ip does not work either. Starting freeradius /etc/init.d/freeradius produces a fail, but no log entries to suggest if it is related to the same problem. Any suggestions will be appreciated
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    Re: MySQl Error (2) with freeradius and mysql

    Part of the problem and the symptoms you describe are very similar to those found in post, which unfortunately hasn't a solution yet.

    The difference in your description is that when you start freeradius as a service in an already running system the service fails. You are very expicit to mention to test sudo freeradius -X, which gives no error(s). Just checking the obvious: did you start service freeradius as superuser since you mention no error loggings (in /var/log/freeradius/radius.log?)?


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