I am installing ubuntu precise pangolin 12.04. I am trying to install fcronq, which needs pyqt4 (python 3). Using Synaptic I installed python3-pyqt4. It also installed python3, python3-minimal, python3-pyqt4, python3-sip, python3.2, and python3.2-minimal. When I follow the instructions on http://code.google.com/p/fcronq/wiki...n#Installation and do the:
make all
I get:
Makefile:354: *** Error: The required 'PyQt4 UIC' executable file can't be found
I don't know anything about PyQt4 UIC. However, I am concerned that it must be based on python 3. Under Synaptic I found pyqt4-dev-tools, which mentions the user interface, but I am afraid to install it, because I don't know if it is based on python 3.

Can anybody tell me how to get PyQt4 UIC (based on python3) installed?

Thanks in advance.