I am looking to build a small little file server and share it over various protocols on my network. However, the primary reason for doing this is to share my large video library with my Xbox 360.

I haven't tried this at all yet, just wanted to get some feedback before I start. Everywhere I look online references using uShare to accomplish this. Looking at uShare, I saw that it is no longer being developed with its last update quite a while ago. I also see that the newer version of the dashboard may have broken those methods written about before.

I'm wondering what is the best, current way to share a folder full of Videos to the Xbox 360? When I was using Windows, it was really quite easy. Just add the folder to the library in Windows Media Player and...well, that's it. The computer/user would show up on the Xbox 360 and work without any issues.

I've gotten rid of Windows completely a while ago, and while I've learned to work around, live with certain realities of going Linux...this is something that I really miss.