Hello ubuntu forums community, My moniker is TobalJackson and I'm an ubuntu enthusiast.

I've recently made the switch to running ubuntu natively on my home desktop rig. My motherboard is an Asus M4A89GTD-Pro with 2 USB3.0 ports on the back (blue tabs). I've just recently gotten ubuntu 12.04 LTS set up on it (dual-booted with a Truecrypt System-encrypted Windows 7 partition running on 4x500GB RAID 1+0 drives

I noticed that when trying to access my Fantom GF3B500U that the read/write speeds were around 20 Mb/s, which is slower than expected for USB 3. I checked the output of lsusb and found that all the lines listed "Linux Foundation 2.0/1.1 root hub" and that there was no 3.0 anywhere to be found.

I'm wondering if there is something I can do to get this working or if anyone else has the same board and issue?

I've tried googling around, but haven't come across anything substantial except that it could be needing firmware update, which i'm not sure is possible since its a motherboard controller. Please advise.