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Thread: Adding More RAM Problem

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    Adding More RAM Problem

    I am running Ubuntu 9.04 as my host (yeah, I known, but this suits
    me fine). I just upgraded my laptop from 3GB to 4GB, Looking at
    the Settings on booting up, I see 4096 MB. So that is fine.

    I am running Oracle VirtualBox as a VM Manager and Windows 2000
    Pro under that as a client. I went to check my Systems settings,
    and VirtualBox still reports 3072 MB as its cap. I don't know
    how to check or resize the RAM available under Ubuntu. And I
    don't know if there is a special case of getting VirtualBox to
    recognize it if it is changed.

    With 4GB of RAM, I can better balance memory needs for the host
    and for the client. So I would like to solve this problem.
    Any ideas?

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    Re: Adding More RAM Problem

    Are you running 32 bit Ubuntu 9.04?

    32 bit OS's can only recognise between 3 and 3.5 gb of RAM, regardless of how much is physically in the machine. And thus Virtualbox will only see that amount too.

    To see more than that, you need a 64 bit OS.

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    Re: Adding More RAM Problem

    A pae kernel will also get all your RAM recognized.

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    Re: Adding More RAM Problem

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    Re: Adding More RAM Problem

    Quote Originally Posted by exploder View Post
    A pae kernel will also get all your RAM recognized.
    Which is fairly useless in this situation. PAE only allows each 32-bit process to see up to the 4GB address space hard limit, and since part of that address space is also used by other hardware resources it will always be well under 4GB which is why Virtualbox - a single process - only "sees" what it now reports.

    The OP has to live with what he has.
    Regards, David.
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