Dear all,

I am experiencing a weird annoying problem on my Pavilion DV6-7090el, this is what happens:

1. Computer is on, WiFi is on and working properly.
2. I turn off WiFi through the enable/disable button on my keyboard. If I turn it on again WiFi works fine.
3. If I turn off the computer while the WifI is turned off by means the enable/disable button, when I boot it again on Ubuntu there are no ways to turn it on again. WiFi does not work in any ways.
4. Then I have to reboot on Win7 (have dual boot), swtich on the WiFi there, then reboot on Ubuntu and then WiFi works fine.

Thanks to dual boot I can solve this problem, but it's really annoying me. At office I use a LAN cable so I usually turn off the WiFi otherwise it keeps on searching for WAN. Then I usually forget to turn it on again before swithing off the computer, and must boot on Win7 before do it on Ubuntu.

I hope I made myself understood and hope someone can solve this!