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Thread: Backup default application

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    Backup default application

    I have a quick question about the "BackUp" application that comes with Ubuntu 12.04.

    I managed to set up my computer the way I like it. Now, I'd like to create a backup of my file system partition. I've research a few backup options (such as fsarchiver, partimage), but if I'm not mistaken, in order to be able to use fsarchiver I have to run it from a live cd. Therefore, I was wondering if I can use the Backup program instead. Maybe I could select the "/" and take the files and save them to usb flash drive. Would that work?
    Thanks much.

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    Re: Backup default application

    Hi muzycales, welcome to the forums

    A mounted partition will have processes in use and will not give you a good clone. So you are going to need someway to clone "/" while unmounted.

    I use clonezilla, but there are other ways.


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