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Thread: Anomaly: Warzone Earth - Issue with two monitors

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    Anomaly: Warzone Earth - Issue with two monitors

    Hi all,

    EDIT: After installing a few more games I got from the Humble Bundle 3 ages ago, it seems that Osmos & Spirits is the only one that actually works with the single monitor, so i'm guessing I need to sort out some sort of monitor configuration :/

    I'm relatively new to Linux (I've had it installed for years, I just rarely used it until recently). I've had a few issues with running two monitors that took some figuring out, and everything has been running smoothly for a while now.

    Until I installed Anomaly: Warzone Earth last night. When the game launches, it uses both monitors. I'm not entirely sure why this is the issue, but it might have something to do with my monitors being shown as a single 'Laptop' under Displays - but other games (such as Osmos) work fine on a single monitor (that game has its own issues with the alt key minimising it or something, when it's a key used in game - but that's an issue for another day )

    Just wondering if you guys have any ideas. Really wanna get some games to play in Linux so I stop booting into Windows all the time

    EDIT: Blah, forgot to say i'm using Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit.

    - Seltox

    UPDATE: I've spent some time fiddling, and am thinking this thread should really be somewhere else - as its not really a gaming problem.
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