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Thread: Using Dynadock U10 to drive second monitor in Ubuntu

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    Using Dynadock U10 to drive second monitor in Ubuntu

    Hi there. I've recently been using Ubuntu Netbook Remix on my netbook and have been loving it. While I'd considered switching to Ubuntu for my main machine, until I'd seen the work done for Sintel I had thought that there wasn't sufficient software for graphic/painting work on Ubuntu. Now that I've seen that there is, I'm hoping to dual boot with Ubuntu as the main OS and Windows for running games

    I tried running Wubi to try it out, and mostly that seemed to work well. The only problem I had is that my Dynadock U10 isn't able to drive a second monitor. I was wondering if there was a way to get this to work, as I would really like to switch to running Ubuntu rather than windows (particularly for the lighter memory use I've seen on my netbook, which would make a big difference with graphics software)

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give

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    Re: Using Dynadock U10 to drive second monitor in Ubuntu

    I know this thread is a couple of months old, but there isn't much information on the dynadock, and I was researching it myself since I've already switch my Portégé to Ubuntu (dual boot with Windows) for all the reasons you mentioned, as well as some others:

    - Better use of memory.
    - Much faster boot and shutdown.
    - Better security (no need for resource greedy AV software).

    These Toshiba docking stations seemed like a great way to get a clutter of wires away from my desk with more advanced functions than a simple USB hub can offer (such as the option to hook up to proper hi-fi speakers with a 5.1 capable receiver to power them, thanks to the digital audio port). Unfortunately, this all seems to be driver enabled, so unless it works with ndiswrapper (a utility that allows Ubuntu to use Windows drivers in some cases), it's unlikely to be a valid solution for now.

    Even for Windows, the detailed specifications sheet seems to show some fairly heavy system requirements for a laptop (the intended market, after all), especially nettops or the older Portégé ultra-portable models. This makes me wonder if using this type of unit not slow the whole system down somewhat too. Obviously, this should not be an issue for more powerful laptops, or even the newer Portégé models (which are heavier than the older ones, but far more powerful as well), but that's not what I'm using right now. Nor, apparently, are you!

    Here's a link to the only other thread I've found on the topic.
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    Both using NETGEAR MA521 Wireless PCMCIA (no issues!).

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    Red face Re: Using Dynadock U10 to drive second monitor in Ubuntu

    Same problem here I have after a few headaches and trial and error got my U10 dynadock working with everything except the second monitor which is the main reason I bought it for. Got everything to work in Windows 7 eventually with a bit of trial and error but so far not in Unbuntu 12.04 which I also use on my toshiba satellite L750D laptop with a duel boot system hope someone finds a fix for this that not to complicated as am only just getting to grips with Unbuntu and I use it nearly as much as windows now.I can get the second monitor to work by directly connecting it to the laptop but that was not I wanted, I wanted and easy solution to taking the laptop of my desk without having to unplug many usb cables.

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