Hi everyone,

This is my first post on ubuntu forum and hoping that someone can help me out

I have been googeling and searching on how to do bridge my wifi connections to my internet connection using route.

I have a ubuntu server 12.04 with a wifi and normal network card

I also have a router that is connected to the internet

on my ubuntu server i have eth0 connected to the router; IP GW DNS

this all works great

I have set up my wlan0 as my accespoint, and DHCP to feed an IP to any device that connects to it.

if i connect, for example, my android smartphone to my wlan0 acces point it will get the following IP GW DNS

How in earth can I bridge this connection and acces the internet from my android?

I dont want to make use of BR0 bridge-utils but accomplish this using route.

Many thanks in advance