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Is it just me or is arch's packages going downhill? There's plenty of official packages that are broken, wine is one of them (and I use wine for many if not most of my apps). I've used arch and it's one heck of a distro but there needs to be some control over the packages, they need to be doing what gentoo is doing. Heck even xfce was broken this morning on a fresh install, it's getting worse with every passing month.
Give Manjaro a spin, they move the the arch stable stuff to their own testing repos and once they are happy with things they move it to their own stable repos. This is suppose to catch some of the possible buggy packages.

For someone like me on a limited data plan it's also nice not to be bombarded with frequent updates. Their mhwd tool/scripts are also cool for things like installing gpu drivers and tricky stuff like optimus etc. Been using manjaro for a few weeks now and very happy with it.