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Thread: Moving dual boot installation to a SSD?

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    Re: Moving dual boot installation to a SSD?

    Quote Originally Posted by pqwoerituytrueiwoq View Post
    there is a oracle plugin for that

    i just use a shared folder for flash drives and a shared printer over the local net
    share /media
    Actually I just realized that a virtual machine most
    probably won't work for me: I need windows for music
    production software where it is crucial to have
    almost zero latency for your soundcard. This won't
    work through a virtual machine. I'll use XP on a 2nd
    rotating drive.

    doing what oldfred did is not hard once you figure out where your IDE/RAID/AHCI options (my board only supports raid on ports 1 to 4)
    if your motherboard has 2 controllers you could have one use AHCI and the other use IDE, i could do this on my desktop if i had to
    Thanks for the photo! I actually have a laptop and I will install
    my second drive in the cd tray using this or something similar.

    I hope this won't make it more difficult. It shouldn't though,
    it's just another port.. Right?

    Quote Originally Posted by oldfred View Post
    I do installs all the time. Every 6 month version at least 2 times, so I scripted most of my customization and I now install from the rotating hard drive to the SSD using grub2's loopmount. That makes for a really quick install.

    The Arch site recommends gpt partitioning for SSDs. Gpt partitioning is required for drives over 2GB but Windows XP will not even see NTFS on a gpt partitioned drive. So I used gpt for my SSD and just created partitions & installed. I already configure all my installs of Ubuntu to use the same data partitions and my script auto edits fstab and adds apps and some settings that I want.
    Ok, so I'll use gpt for my SSD (when I buy it) and I will use
    MBR for the second hard drive where I will install windows XP.

    So, just to confirm:

    Again, what I'm going to do now is that I'll format my rotating
    drive using MBR and I will install both linux and XP (XP will be
    in the first, primary partition). At some point I will buy a SSD.
    I will format the SSD using gpt and I will move my linux
    installation from the (MBR-partitioned) rotating drive to the
    (GPT-partitioned)SSD, while keeping my rotating drive with the XP
    installation; whenever I want to boot windows, I'll get into bios
    and I'll switch from AHCI to IDE (I use windows quite rarely so I
    don't care it's not convenient).

    So, does the above sounds OK? Any issues about moving an installation from GPT partitions to MBR ones?

    Thanks again..
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