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Thread: Internet not working on Virt-manager guest

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    Internet not working on Virt-manager guest


    I am using Ubuntu 12.04.

    My laptop gets internet from a wireless router which is connected to a modem.

    I already have a full working Centos 6 vm with Virtualbox which has working internet.

    I am trying to use Centos 6 in a Virt-manager virtual machine with KVM.

    I have installed created and installed Centos 6 with Virt-manager and everything seems to be working except the internet.

    On both Virtualbox and Virt-manager I am using NAT but internet is only working on Virtualbox.

    I have tried selecting different NAT device models but internet still didn't work.

    I have attached screenshots of the my Virtualbox and Virt-manager network configs.
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