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Thread: Can't start my "LiveUSB"

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    Re: Can't start my "LiveUSB"

    Quote Originally Posted by Bucky Ball View Post
    Yep, try that.

    Tip from another site: Try deleting the partitions and leaving free space to install Ubuntu if you haven't already got that. It's worked for others (on Mac so it could be specific to them). I'd suggest doing this before bothering with the alternate.

    The authentication failure is an oddity because the LiveCD uses no credentials; username, password, etc, so this shouldn't be happening. But seems to in this situation with a Mac.

    Also, be sure to check the disk for errors. Torrent is the best, quickest, safest way to get the ISO. Good luck.
    Didn't work
    I'll try the alternate method, it boots from the USB the same way the original installation?


    EDIT: It worked!! With the alternate installator, now I have Ubuntu on the PC! Thank you all!!
    How can I mark the post as [solved]?
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    Re: Can't start my "LiveUSB"

    Alternate install exactly the same except text-based install rather than disco graphics ...

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