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Thread: Is Linux killing my hard disk drives?

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    Is Linux killing my hard disk drives?

    I've had two different laptop hdd's fail on me last year within a few weeks of installing ubuntu. Two different machines and both were brand new. My wife forbids me from installing again and I'm stuck with running off of a pendrive. One was Acer and one was Asus, both were fairly low-priced models.

    Do I have bad luck or is Linux killing my disks? I remember some years back about a bug in the kernel that had to do with stopping the drives.

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    Re: Is Linux killing my hard disk drives?

    I can't say for sure its not Ubuntu, however I very much doubt it is. I have been running Ubuntu for 5ish years and never had a hard drive die. Not on a Laptop, Desktop, etc.

    That being said Hard drives do tend to go, and many manufactures have had bad shipments of HDDs. I am betting it was just bad luck.

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    Unhappy Re: Is Linux killing my hard disk drives?

    I have had to replace 6 drives since I upgraded. all were seagate 1 tb and 2 tb drives. I thought it was part of the seagate problem. They have had noisy drives (clacking and failing) It was not that it just made it harder to figure out. I have a dual boot system with sata drives. My windows drive failed and I thought that was the fact that it was seagate however It has been replaced and working fine. I finally got mad at seagate though and bought 2 new western digital 1 tb drives..they lasted one night. I know it has to be the ubuntu causing this problem. I was last using 10.04.1 64 bit and thought everything was fine.

    After having to replace so many drives I am wondering if anyone else is having this problem..and is there a fix that is easy if not im stuck with windows.

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    Re: Is Linux killing my hard disk drives?


    Please start a new thread if you need support.


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