Hello all,

Apologies if this belongs in another forum, I've done searches etc to try find similar issues but haven't found anything resolves to a proper outcome.

I've sat on it a few weeks as various updates on Ubuntu came out but it's not improved anything so I'm posting here, though maybe 12.10 will help.

Basically I use a USB, wired mouse and an old PS/2, wired keyboard. They work fine and I switched from XP to Ubuntu after my XP just became too bloated and slow and I nearly ditched the desktop before a friend suggested I try Ubuntu, which runs faster.

I'm pleased with Ubuntu but have this weird problem after the log-in screen - I'll log-in, using the mouse and keyboard fine, but once the OS finished loading - as it were - one of several issues crops up:

1) The mouse will stop working altogether. If I unplug it and plug it back in it doesn't matter, but bizarrely if I plug in my wireless USB mouse, it works perfectly regardless of whether the non-working mouse is still plugged in. If I boot up with the USB wireless mouse plugged in, it doesn't work and I have to re-boot taking the dongle out of the slot before putting it back in, so it's not an acceptable solution.

2) The keyboard will stop working entirely.
3) The mouse will work but not 'click' anything.

Occasionally it will just 'work' properly as you'd expect.

I wasn't sure if it was coming up by moving the mouse before I logged in, so I just typed the password and logged in, but now even that weird workaround doesn't work.

I'd hoped the multiple updates that have come, some quite big, would have fixed it but it hasn't. I'm at a bit of a loss and if 12.10 doesn't fix it I'll probably just revert to my original plan and scrap my desktop altogether and use my laptop and plug it into my monitor etc.

Any ideas welcome!

The rest of the hardware stats are:

ASUS PS4800 motherboard
P4 3ghz CPU
2GB PC3200 RAM
Audigy Z sound card
GeForce 7300GT 256MB graphics card

Thanks in advance,