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Thread: 10.04 Browser unable to reach random pages since october

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    10.04 Browser unable to reach random pages since october

    Hi guys, my Lynx got updated few days ago and since I'm experiencing stupid trouble with iconnection.
    What happens is that Firefox is unable to reach 50% random pages each session (it throws out: The connection has timed out). Chromium browser stutters on the same pages each session. So from time to time wikipedia will load, but sometimes it just won't. Now the strangest - those pages differ within time. Like after 15 minutes Wiki will load properly That is rather rare, but happens. Also I'm 100% able to reach gmail and youtube (but not always gtalk server or gmaps) and perhaps some more. Also there are pages of which access is visibly slower than previously.
    At the same time my windows is executing all the internet properly. My Lynx did exactly the same for my its whole existence except since a week ago or so.

    I have no idea what could have possibly changed and how it is related to linux only structure. I don't even know what could be a cause for this. If anyone suspects anything please let me know.
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