I got myself two HP Microservers for NAS purposes. Both were the same. I installed Ubuntu server on the one without a glitch, and everything worked from scratch. It is currently doing service as the backup server in my office.

The send one however have been giving trouble since day one. I think I reinstalled Ubuntu probably 7 times on that, everytime to try and sort out something else, most being the RAID system. I currently have it up and running with RAID operational, and I can copy files to it from another PC on the network. But! I need to search for the PC. I have to type in the IP address as it does not resolve the host name. The other server is called "backup-NAS" and situated at The problem server is called "movie-NAS" and is at

I see backup-NAS on the network and can easily connect to it using either the host name or IP address.

I cannot see movie-NAS on the network. I cannot connect to it using the host name, neither can I connect to webmin using https://movie-nas:10000/. I can type in \\ to connect to it and then I can copy stuff to it and connect to webmin using

Clearly it is a broadcast thing but I have no idea how to solve this. Any help will really be appreciated. I mainly connect to it via a Windows machine(s).