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Thread: Help with downloading Java?

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    Re: Help with downloading Java?

    Quote Originally Posted by DuckHook View Post
    With the greatest of respect, this is not recommended, esp for new users (the sort who tend to ask for advice on this forum). Version 8 is a development release and will only cause trouble (requiring further support) when something wonky happens to their system. I also shy away from recommending the addition of PPAs for new users. Again, unless one knows how to chase down signing keys, repair broken PPAs, delete obsolete PPAs, etc. one is just asking for trouble in the future.
    As it happens to be, I already followed the instructions for and downloaded Java 8. What should I really do?

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    Re: Help with downloading Java?

    As a new user, I suggest that you avoid Java 8, which is still in development and may have bugs, and download Java 7 instead. I have explained the difference between openJDK and Oracle Java, so won't bore you by doing so again. I would suggest trying opnJDK first and going to Oracle's Java only if the community version doesn't do what you want it to.

    If you've downloaded version 8 but not yet installed it, then don't. Just delete the file that was downloaded and no harm done.

    If you've already installed it, then you can decide to just live with it or you can remove it. Once removed, follow the instructions on this link:

    Specifically, just click on the link to: openjdk-7-jre

    This should download the version 7 runtime and you can install it by following installation instructions from there.

    If you want browser support, download and install the iced tea plugin by clicking the link to: icedtea-7-plugin

    The instructions on the help page in the above link are clear and simple. Read it thoroughly before installing and install by following its procedures.

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