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Thread: updates destroyed gnome

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    updates destroyed gnome

    I was trying to compile a programme (engrid) and I was getting errors of missing libraries: (/usr/bin/ld cannot find -lGl) and after (almost) random package installation; it became worse (/usr/bin/ld cannot find -lqtopengl -lgl).

    When I searched the internet for a package to get the libraries from. Lots of suggestions came up. After installing them one by one and trying to recompile again, I got bored with this process: Why don't I just install all packages that has something to do with opengl & qt. It seemed like a good idea and that is exactly what I did . Good thing is, the program compiled and worked properly, bad thing; gnome doesn't work any more.

    All I get is the background image and an error message from Docky about compositing or something like that. Logged out using <Alt><Prt Sc><K> and used unity, it works fine and I'm using it right now. My question is how to get gnome back working?

    The first thought I had was to go Synaptic History and delete everything I installed. The moment I saw the number of packages installed yesterday, I got rid of the idea, maybe there is a better solution.

    While searching for a solution, the problem seems to have occurred with nvidia drivers. I don't have nvidia and my AMD 7970m unfortunately has no drivers. I'm using the integrated graphics card.

    Here's what I installed:

    Ubuntu 12.04

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    Re: updates destroyed gnome

    Maybe I am not understanding what happened but are you saying that after you removed those packages gnome doesn't work anymore?

    If this is the case I accidentally did something like that when I was running 8.04 and I fixed it by going into the command line and fully removing gnome and reinstalling gnome, I would say give that a try.

    I would recommend doing this from ctrl+alt+F1

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    Re: updates destroyed gnome

    Thanks a lot. Problem solved by removing one of the packages I installed.

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