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Thread: Webcam Problems

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    Exclamation Webcam Problems

    Okay so I have a built in webcam on my FX Gateway gaming laptop. I deleted Windows Vista off of the system so now it is a dependently Linux 12.04 LTS system. I have tried accessing my webcam from interenet or external programs and it will NOT work. If you go on Youtube and click "Upload" there is the option to "Record from Webcam" Well I can click that and it registers that I have a webcam, but it will not let me click the "allow" button the permissions box.

    ^^^^ Yeah that thing right there. It will not let me click allow, this is becoming a problem, because I like to go onto Omegle and video chat with people. I encounter this problem in every I guess you'd say "internet domain" situation? I have the Cheese Webcam Booth and Camera Monitor on my laptop as well, and my webcam registers and works fine on there. Camera Monitor (for those who don't know) allows you to know when you're webcam is turned on/off. When I go onto a program the Camera Monitor dialogue box pops up and says "Camera: ON" but my light does not come on to indicate that it is on. I really don't know what else to say, but yeah. Help!?

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    Re: Webcam Problems

    Quote Originally Posted by JadeWest58 View Post

    ^^^^ Yeah that thing right there.
    Hi. Sorry, but I can't help with the camera. I don't really know anything about them. I just wanted to explain what happened there in your post.

    The img tags are for posting an image that is stored in the internet somewhere. You right click on the graphic on the site that it is stored on, and choose "copy graphic address", then post it between the img tags.

    What you have there looks like an image that is stored on your computer. For that, you need the "manage attachments" option in "additional options" below the post window. Click on that, use the search button to find what you want to attach and then click "upload" to attach it.


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