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Thread: Howto remove Kubuntu desktop

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    Re: Howto remove Kubuntu desktop

    I used the posted method to remove the Kubuntu desktop and though it was a long process it did remove the login screen but there was some cleanup to do in synaptic. I will install kubuntu if want to try again.
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    Re: Howto remove Kubuntu desktop

    (remember to keep scrolling and copy/paste the whole code (ending with "&& sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop" as without this last bit you are left with no desktop environment, and nothing more than a tty shell to work with on reboot))

    always works for me, make sure to either:

    reboot or:

    ctrl+alt+f1 to enter tty1
    login with user and pass

    then enter in tty:

    sudo service lightdm stop
    sudo service lightdm start

    just to make sure everything goes back to the way its supposed to.

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