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Thread: How to root Galaxy S (Epic 4g) on Ubuntu?

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    Re: How to root Galaxy S (Epic 4g) on Ubuntu?

    Sweet, thank you for your help. My main issue so far has been finding guides or videos detailing how to flash a ROM onto your phone almost invariably start with "Great, now that your phone is rooted and you have CWM Recovery installed, we do the flashing now!"

    My problem is that the tools to accomplish the rooting on Ubuntu are few and far between. Almost as rare as clearly defined directions for Ubuntu users. I think if I had a Windows box I would be running Jelly Bean by now lol.

    Thanks again
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    Re: How to root Galaxy S (Epic 4g) on Ubuntu?

    Hehe, Google is your friend bro!

    But really, I can personally recommend Cyanogenmod. It's the most popular custom ROM out there and it works on a great variety of devices. It's basically a "vanilla android" without all the crap that manufacturers throw in sometimes.

    For me (using SGS I9000) it's great, fast, stable, and the ONLY way I can run Android 4.x since Samsung refuses to update these devices.

    And for the record, Heimdall and odin are essentially the same thing. I'm sure there's guides out there explaining how they work out. For me, Odin makes more sense (but the interface is fubar unless you're used to it) but that's mainly because that's what I'm accustomed to. But I've flashed using heimdall in Windows and from what I gather it's the same in Ubuntu, (and it was pretty straight forward as well - in fact I flashed CM9 using Heimdall)
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