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Thread: Boot-repair problem

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    Boot-repair problem


    I use windows 7 , i have three partitions C: , D: , E: . I was reducing the space of D: and E: to allow more space for the C: when the E: partitions disappear after rebooting i've try to use partition magic and Eauseus partition tool but i wasn't be able to recover the partition .

    Then i use Testdisk he found that my system partition was in confilct with the E: missing partition . I followed the instruction in the tutorial and press to write . Reboot and the MBR message appears.

    I download Ubuntu and Bootrepair , but unfortunately that won't work either . I've tried with the Windows 7 boot cd and when i was using the repair tool it was repair but don't working.

    I was thinking to upgrade to an SSD and add another HDD for more space . So do you think i can repair it or at least recover the data on it ( the E: missing) because i still have the D: .

    Thanks !
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