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Thread: No space in Home folder

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    No space in Home folder

    A while back, I installed Ubuntu on my previously Windows 7 computer. I think that I used the Windows installer that Ubuntu offers, the end result being that my hard drive was not partitioned. Now, I have very limited space to work with in my Home folder (3.5GB to be exact). I have been getting by with that, but recently, I accidentally filled all of that space, and can't seem to figure out how, or what I had put in that took up the space that I previously had available. Either way, 3.5 GB is not enough to work with, and I need to find a way to expand my home folder to all of the space available on my hard drive. Within my host folder, I have >300 GB of free space.

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    Re: No space in Home folder

    I think your saying you did a wubi install (ubuntu inside windows). if so

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    Re: No space in Home folder

    30 GB is the maximum amount that the Wubi Installer allows for the root disk without re sizing by using one of the methods in the link above.
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