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I rather don't want to do that. With the command sudo apt-get remove notification-daemon it also want to remove lubuntu-desktop as well., see screenshot.

Translate it into English and you see what i mean.
This lubuntu-desktop is a mysterious "meta" thing and I don't understand what's going on here.

I just removed the penguin games using the lubuntu software center and, without warning, the lubuntu-desktop was removed as well.

Oddly (or not), the lubuntu software center doesn't offer lubuntu-desktop for installation. I then removed pidgin and sylpheed as well.

Then I looked in Synaptic and lubuntu-desktop is available from there. However, one can't just install the lubuntu-desktop. It wants to pull its buddies back in with it: so the penguin games, pidgin and sylpheed would make their reappearance.

Anyway, I'm going to do without the lot of them and see what happens.

BTW, 12.10 doesn't seem to have this "notification-daemon" at least when I look at the list produced by dpkg --get-selections.