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Thread: cannot compile mamegui

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    cannot compile mamegui

    Dear all,

    I'm trying to get gmameui to run on ubuntu precise pangolin.
    I managed to understand auto-apt, but i'm still stuck in compiling.

    Now i get the error:
    ./configure: line 12209: syntax error near unexpected token `,,:'
    ./configure: line 12209: `GNOME_DOC_INIT(,,'

    I do not have any clue how to fix this.
    I wouldn't mind understanding a bit more about compiling and stuff
    Could someone help me out here?

    Also: is there a project going on to get mamegui on precise pangolin?

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    Re: cannot compile mamegui

    Moved this thread to a more appropriate forum where you might get better help.

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    Re: cannot compile mamegui

    probably something like
    $ sudo apt-get install gnome-doc-utils
    then regenerate the macros to get GNOME_DOC
    $ autoreconf -fi
    $ ./configure
    might work


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