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Thread: can't turn power saver off!

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    can't turn power saver off!

    I'm having a really annoying problem with 12.04 that I can't seem to solve. If I leave the computer unattended for more than 10 minutes it goes into power saving mode and switches off the screen. The only way I can get back on is to log back in, which is VERY tedious. I have gone into the system setting for power and set it to 'Don't suspend', yet it keeps on doing it, so what am I doing wrong?

    Any tips would be appreciated, as I'm currently trying to use my Ubuntu-based PC to display some information I;m using for a writing project, and I either have to keep remembering to move the mouse every few minutes, or go through the log in process again to get the screen back up.


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    Re: can't turn power saver off!

    When you say log back in, do you mean just entering your password in a box about centered on the screen, ie, the lock screen? Ctrl+Alt+L would show you the lock screen, such that you can confirm whether this is what you are seeing, or whether it truly is the login screen.



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