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Thread: Ubuntu 12.4 Apparent defect in Dash

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    Ubuntu 12.4 Apparent defect in Dash

    Ubuntu 12.4 Apparent defect in dash. Unless I am using it incorrectly The Application Lens in Dash only presents a very limited selection of applications installed. Is there a way of porting the Kubuntu facility for application selection into the Unity desktop and preferably as an additional Lens within Dash

    When I ask the “Ubuntu Software Centre (USC)” to list my installed applications under say “Accessories” it details the 21 on my machine with names and a short description of each application but with “dash” and clicking on the “Application Lens” and entering the same description i.e. “Accessories” dash tells me I have none. It is similar under all other sub groups, “Developer Tools” USC = 6 and Dash = nil, Games USC = 17 and Dash = 1 and so on. Yet if I start the Kubuntu-desktop and click on the “Application Launcher Menu” widget (after adding it to the desktop) I get an excellent menu with all applications listed under their more refined sub groups. Admittedly it does not show those applications available but not installed on my system but I think that information is best obtained from browsing the Software Centre output Oldpeter

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    Re: Ubuntu 12.4 Apparent defect in Dash

    The dash is keyword specific. If you have any programs with the word accessories in it, then it would list them. It does not list categories. Categories can be filtered through with the filters tab on the right in the various sub lenses.
    The dash also only lists items with a .desktop file, therefore it , in most circumstances, won't list command line interface items only gui items.

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    Using the filter just makes the defect worse. If no one has a solution will just have to log onto Kubuntu whenever I dont know the name of the application which will do what I need to do. The alternative is to use the Software Centre installed list, write down the name of the application wanted (as you cant open it from the Software Centre and use dash to then open it Oldpeter

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    Re: Ubuntu 12.4 Apparent defect in Dash

    Ahh yes the Unity discoverability disability syndrome...

    You could pin your most used apps to the launch bar to the left, just drag and drop from the dash search results...

    Else if you want the good old tree menu, install XFCE on top via the Synaptic Package Manager...
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