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Thread: Lan stops working but shows connected

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    Lan stops working but shows connected

    I'm using Ubuntu 10.12 on a Dell Vostro 1500 laptop

    I'm connected to a lan via an ethernet cable. It seems that every 30 mins to 1 hour my connection dies - I can't access the internet or local network resources (Samba shares etc). The LAN still shows as connected. To fix the problem I have to right click the network icon on the panel and untick enable networking. Then repeat to retick networking.

    Has anyone got any ideas what might be causing this or how to go about fixing it or finding a cause?


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    Re: Lan stops working but shows connected

    I'm not familiar with that version of Ubuntu.
    Is it 10.10, or perhaps 12.10?

    Although unlikely to change, you might check IP address when machine freezes. Another unlikely possibility is that the lease somehow expires and doesn't get renewed unless you "restart" networking.
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