Hi everyone,

We bought a workstation for our lab - the T1650 workstation from Dell that comes with an Intel Xeon processor and a ATI Firepro V4900 graphics card. I have Windows 7 on it and I want to dual -boot with Ubuntu.

I tried installing Ubuntu 12.04 (64 bit) on it and it installs properly but when the log in screen appears, the display is split in two -- the left part appears on the right half of the monitor and the right part appears on the left. If I log in, then a blank wallpaper can be seen without any icons (the screen is still split and reversed).

I installed 11.04 and 11.10 (64 bit) but the same thing happens. Same split-screen error.

The weird part is that on one attempt, I installed 11.04 within Windows and it works perfectly. It is only when I install Ubuntu to its own partition that this error occurs.

On the other hand, I installed Debian 6 and the split screen issue is not there, except that the display is sorta stretched.

Can someone help me out here?